RWS: Behind the Scenes

A behind the scenes look into the making of contemporary artworks as well as the materials and process we use to prepare, make, store, assess, package and deliver our artworks.

  • by Robert West

    The Condition Report is an essential document that enables you to make an informed decision on whether you wish to acquire an artwork or not; it provides a detailed and accurate description of the current condition of the artwork which you are looking to buy. 

    Although I am not a trained conservator, I have been examining and creating artworks for more than 15 years and know how to assess and describe their condition in the appropriate manner, just as a professional auction house would.

  • by Robert West
    Packaging, Delivery and Insurance


    Crating is an integral part of the company, it is of the utmost importance that you receive your artworks in the condition it left the studio. We make bespoke wooden crates in house for each artwork we send directly from the studio. 
    These are made with precision and thought, using tried and tested machining and building methods. We make our own crates to ensure the highest standard of build quality and artwork handling methods are carried out.  This makes sure the condition report you read on our website represents the actual condition of the painting when it leaves the studio.

  • Certificate of Authenticity by Tagsmart

    Tagsmarts Provenance Platform enables artists, galleries, agents and collectors to catalogue artworks, build provenance history and issue market-leading secure Certificates of Authenticity.
    Their pioneering Certificates of Authenticity provide an unparalleled level of physical security, which is why Robert West Studios was an early adopter of their technology.


  • by Robert West
    Tools and Processes

    A quick look at some of the tools and processes I use to create my artwork. 


  • Stretchers and Grounds

    Creating museum quality painting substrates
    by Robert West
    Robert West: Studio Shot: Abstract Painting. No.80
    Robert West: Studio Shot: Abstract Painting. No.80

    A painting is a complex object and you need to use the very best materials in every step of a paintings creation in order to achieve a museum quality finish, this all begins with the stretcher and ground.