Robert West
Contemporary British Painter




1. To view your  Provenance Record, visit certify.tagsmart.comand enter in the search box the artwork ID identified in the top left of the Certificate.                                                                      Alternatively, you can scan the barcode with your smartphone using a barcode reader app.

2. Information about the artwork, as supplied by the original creator of the Tagsmart artwork record.

3. Information about the parties whom and by whom this Certificate has been issued. Note that when you issue a Certificate, you choose whether or not this information will be shown on the Certificate, it is never shown on the public Provenance Record.

4. Each Tagsmart Certificate of Authenticity is uniquely signed by the individual who originally created the artwork record.

5. Holographic- bordered tap which, when peeled off reveals a unique  6-digit code. You will need this code when using the Tagsmart service to show that the ownership of the artwork has been transferred to someone else. 

The Tagsmart Certificate of Authenticity are printed on high quality, 270gsm archival paper and shipped directly to the buyer.

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