Robert West
Contemporary British Painter
Robert West. Abstract Painting No.77. Oil on Polyester. 2017-2018.MF com.jpg

Copy of Borderline



The Borderline Series is the collision, blurring and juxtaposing of West's diverse catalogue of painting techniques including the drag technique famed by Richter, consequently these combine to create a complex multi-layered wandering visual plain saturated with stacked colour, unique lines and unpredictable forms. The Borderline Series is West's current focus for 2018.


Abstract Painting. No.77. Oil and Enamel on Polyester. 195 x 130cm. 2017-2018

Abstract Painting. No.75. Oil on Canvas. 200 X 200 cm. 2013-2014

Abstract Painting No.78. Enamel on Polyester. 200 x 200cm. 2018

Robert West. Borderline. Abstract Painting. No.63. 60 x 60 cm. Oil on Canvas. 2013-14

Robert West. Abstract Painting No.61. 60 x 60 cm. Oil on Canvas. 2013

Abstract Painting. No.76. Oil on Polyester. 200 X 200 cm. 2017

Robert West. Abstract Painting No.62. 60 x 60 cm. Oil on Canvas. 2013

Borderline aims to reflect the complexity of globalisation and the rapid proliferation of technology. Our need for more visual stimulus and information is becoming almost unquenchable. The search for the unique visual plane has become the virtual addiction of the 21st Century, whether still, moving or immersive.
— Robert West

Early Works

The above three paintings are the foundational works that inspired West's new direction in his painting and would be the start of the Borderline Series. The smaller format paintings would not last and the larger 200 x 200cm canvas would become the standard for the series. 

Borderline Process

Complex paintings require many techniques and processes, it is the sequencing and depth of those techniques that often dictates the success or failure of a painting. The more knowledge you acquire the more you should in theory be able to achieve in the field of painting, just as long as you are not averse to risk. Aversion to risk is the one of the biggest hindrance to painters, often leaving them trapped in a comfort zone they know too well, consequently leading to long expanses of time painting in the same way. The aim should be to explore, expand and create, but all the while never being too comfortable, and always looking for the next iteration or big leap.
— Robert West