Packaging, Delivery and Insurance

May 23, 2019
Packaging, Delivery and Insurance


Crating is an integral part of the company; it is of the utmost importance that you receive your artworks in the condition it left the studio. We make bespoke wooden crates in house for each artwork we send directly from the studio. 
These are made with precision and thought, using tried and tested machining and building methods. We make our own crates to ensure the highest standard of build quality and artwork handling methods are carried out. This makes sure the condition report you read on our website represents the actual condition of the painting when it leaves the studio.

We have spent a lot of time researching various tried and tested methods to make an extremely robust shipping crate design. The primary crate material is plywood, which is reinforced and then lined with foam, the foam dampens any vibrations in transit; the painting is also wrapped in archival grade PH neutral fabric to ensure nothing reacts with the painting surface. These materials combined enables safe transit of artwork from our studio to you, where ever that may be.



Delivery is fulfilled by our trusted third-party couriers. Artwork is insured whilst in transit as standard to the value of the sale price of the artwork. Delivery dates will be arranged when convenient, shipping can be expected in Mainland UK and Europe to be 2-10 days depending on the size and weight of the paintings being shipped as well as the time of the order was placed.

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